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The organization is called the Council of Chiropractic Physiological Therapeutics and Rehabilitation. The council is an affiliation of the American Chiropractic Association. The Council is a non-profit organization. The membership is made up of various philosophies and operated by democratic rule of its membership. The yearly dues are set according to the by-laws. The dues are set to maintain fiscal integrity.


The primary function of the council is to provide its members information and courses for educational programs in physiological therapeutics and rehabilitation when possible. The council also promotes physiological therapeutics and rehabilitation.


To promote and support this specific specialty of its membership within their communtites whenever possible. CCPTR- is affiliated with the ACA and operated under their by-laws.


To aid in advancing education, evaluation and research in chiropractic management in rehabilitation of tissue insult and the care of within the chiropractic profession.

To aid the professional members in welfare and interests in Chiropractic Rehabilitation.

To advance Chiropractic physiological therapeutics and rehabilitation by means of public relations.

To encourage and promote interprofessional relationship with other organizations and their members.


Distribution of educational material, journals

Voice in physiological therapeutics and rehabilitation

Procure coupons discounts from rehabilitation suppliers.


Yearly symposiums

Advertising for exchanging, sales, buying equipment, materials

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