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Level 2 Functional Movement Seminar held in Las Vegas on Feb. 28th, 2014

A Level 2 Functional Movement Systems Seminar is being held in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel & Casino on Feb. 28th, 2014 from 8:00am – 5:00pm in conjunction with the 2014 ACA Rehab Symposium. Although not sponsored by the ACA Rehab Council, this Level 2 FMS Seminar will be held at the same location (Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas) as our 2014 Rehab Symposium. The FMS Seminar date is 2/28/14, whereas the ACA Rehab Symposium dates are 3/1/14 – 3/2/14. To register for the FMS Seminar, log on to More details of the FMS Seminar can be found below:

Level 2 Functional Movement Systems Seminar Description

This course is designed to enhance exercise professionals’ perspectives on improving fundamental movement patterns. The Functional Movement Screen will be reviewed and corrective exercise will be discussed based on movement dysfunction. The functional exercise progressions will be demonstrated and focus will be placed on how to utilize the FMS to properly prescribe and implement corrective strategy. More hands-on and practical information will be presented, using case studies and lab settings to show how the FMS can be used to provide a foundation for improvement in overall exercise programming. Objectives of this seminar:

  • Provide more insight into the implementation of the FMS into your training philosophy.
  • Enhance your ability to use the FMS to progress from corrective exercise to functional and traditional exercise.
  • Introduce other assessment techniques which complement the FMS.
  • Describe traditional and non-traditional strength and conditioning exercises and how they fit into the Functional Movement System.

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