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Bridging the Gap: Rehab to Performance Training

Craig Liebenson, DC With Special Guest Charlie Weingroff, PT

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January 15,16 2011 Santa Monica, CA

Course Times: Saturday 9:00-5:00,  Sunday 8:30-2:00

Cost: $500 CEU’s: not available Discounts: – Early Bird by Jan. 7 – $75 off Students or Allied Health – $50 off ISCRS members – $50 off (Sign up  at:

Register: (310) 470-2909


Location: AFPerformance, 1653 10th Street Santa Monica, CA 90404

About Dr. Liebenson:

  • Author, Rehabilitation of the Spine
  • Authorofover100 articles & 4 books
  • Consultant, Athlete’s Performance
  • Former DC – NBA Clippers

About Mr. Weingroff:

  • Lead P.T. U.S. Marine
    Corps Special Operations Command Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
  • Former S/C coach – NBA 76ers

Course Content:

  • Focused on modern soft tissue & training updates on – The Functional Pathology of the Motor System – which I have learned from Dr Karel Lewit & Pr Vladimir Janda
  • Joint by Joint Approach/Muscle Imbalances & Faulty Movement Patterns
  • Relationship of joint & muscle dysfunction
  • Stability vs Strengthening: Should we allow compensations?
  • Dead Lift
  • Turkish Get-up
  • Squat
  • How to identify movement faults & “peel backs”
  • How to perform movement assessment & convert Cook 2’s into 3’s

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