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Rehab Journal® – 2017 Fall

Journal of the North American Rehab Specialist

Aug 19, 2017

Journal Mission Statement / Purpose

The Journal of the North American Rehab Specialist is published by the Council on Chiropractic Physiological Therapeutics and Rehabilitation.

The purposes of The Journal are to:

  1. Provide information and resources that will assist doctors of all types and therapist to better care for their patients.
  2. Provide a venue for the publication and dissemination of rehab related educational articles and case studies.

President's Message

19th Annual ACA Rehab Symposium
Flamingo Casino-Hotel, Las Vegas
April 6th – 8th, 2018

The 19th Annual ACA Rehab Council Educational Symposium is shaping up to be the best ever. The Flamingo Casino-Hotel has undergone millions of dollars’ worth of renovation and the list of speakers should be appealing to all in the audience. For starters, noted researcher Michelle Maier, PhD will be kicking off the Symposium on Friday, April 6th, evening with the latest in rehabilitative research. Dr. Jeffrey Tucker will follow her on Friday evening with a detailed explanation of the newest Theraband CLX Technology.

On Saturday, April 7th, Dr. Mitch Malley will help bridge the gap between extremity adjusting and extremity rehabilitation. The afternoon will feature Eric Cressey, MA, CSCS expounding on the topic of Strength, Conditioning and Sports Performance. Of course, the Saturday luncheon is a must attend for all seminar doctors who want to catch up socially with all of their friends and colleagues.

Dr. Steve Weineger will start off Sunday, April 8th, with his extensive sharing of his knowledge of Postural Assessment and Dr. William Morgan, President of Parker Chiropractic College, will conclude the speaker’s platform with his presentation of “Treatment Protocol for Lumbar Disc Disorders”. All in all it will be a well-rounded, informative and thought provoking symposium consisting of 18 CEUs that can be applied towards your DACRB CEU annual renewal requirements.

Hope to see all of you in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Casino-Hotel in early April 2018. To register, simply log on to:

Jerrold J. Simon, DC, DACRB
President, ACA Rehab Council

18th Symposium Recap

On March 31, 2017, the 18th Annual ACA Rehabilitation Symposium began. It was held in Orlando, FL at the Wyndam Disney Springs. It was well attended and was an event not to be missed. There were outstanding speakers discussing a variety of current rehabilitation topics. There was an additional room filled with vendors as well as socialization, networking and an overall good time for the entire family!

Dr. David Seaman was the first speaker to present regarding how inflammation can disrupt rehabilitation. He was energetic and a pleasure to listen to. He gave the audience great tools to quickly and easily reduce inflammation.Dr. Alf Garbutt and Dr. Jerrold Simon followed with an outstanding lecture titled “Rehab of Military, MVA, and Sports Concussions”. It was a great lecture encompassing looking at subtle cues for neurologic conditions and then a great introduction tovestibular rehabilitation.

Dr Stephen Perle began Saturday’s lecture series with a lecture titled “Spinal Rehabilitation Exercises”. He tackled some of the most current research as it applies to rehabilitation.  Dr. Robert “Skip” George followed with “Postural Rehabilitation for Rehab and Performance”, giving the audience a taste of the treatment philosophy of the PosturalRestorationInstitute. It was very interesting perspective.

After lunch and meetings, Dr. Jerome True gave an outstanding lecture titled “Laser Therapy Treatment for Radiculopathy”. It was filled with inciting information on this relatively new field.  Saturday concluded with Dr. Perry Nickelston’s lecture titled “Kinesiology Taping for Rehabilitation and Sports”. It was a combination of lecture and lab, teaching new taping techniques and discussing his personal treatment philosophy. 

Sunday began with a choice of lectures; Dr. Ted Forcum titled “The Use of Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization”, which included a variety of IASTM treatment with HawkGrips and additional taping with KT tape. A truly excellent lecture. Concurrently, Dr. Jeff Lavallspoke about “Optimal Rehabilitation through Nutrition and Supplementation”. It was a great lecture filled with easy applications for your patients that could be put in place Monday morning. The Symposium concluded with a lecture from Jonathan Puleio titled “Fundamentals of Office Ergonomics for DC’s”. The discussion include some great statistics and east application for patients the resolve some repetitive strain injuries as it relates office ergonomics.

The symposium was a great opportunity to network with top rehabilitation-minded DC’s in the profession. It was an amazing event only to be surpassed by next year’s 19th annual symposium April 4-6 in Las Vegas, NV and the Flamingo Hotel!

Scott Michael Schreiber, DC, DACRB, DCBCN, MS, LDN, Cert. MDT, CKTP, CNS
Rehab Journal Assistant Editor


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