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New eBook Out By James Brantingham, DC, PhD


Dr. James Brantingham just published a new e-book entitled Hip Osteoarthritis; Manipulative and Multimodal Therapy with Rehabilitation

Below is a statement about the eBook from the author to the ACA Rehab Council:

“I hope you saw my the recent article (in JACA) which discussed important and ground breaking research that I, and others have done – particularly on using HVLA grade 5 manipulation (& to a lesser degree mobilization) and exercise for Hip Osteoarthritis. Over 5 RCTs and many other studies have now demonstrated, that manipulative and multimodal therapy is effective in treatment of Hip Osteoarthritis.

Certainly this research could help you and other doctors who specialize in or take an Rehabilitation approach in treatment of many older patients, or younger patients (that have developed early Hip OA after trauma). This book also covers manual therapy research on Knee OA (particularly if it is co-morbid knee OA), and may help patients increase exercise or sports activity (for health or pleasure) but are seriously restricted because of lower extremity OA. Arthroscopic surgery is no longer recommended for common OA (with exceptions of course) so, this niche is not being offered and I believe we can help many of these suffering patients. I very much wish that chiropractic (my college when I was trained LACC now SCUHS) had taken rehabilitation more seriously (exercise and stretch among many other modalities are part and parcel of almost all of our lives).”

James W. Brantingham DC, PhD

The e-book can be purchased for $25.00 at Dr. Brantingham’s website:

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