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ACRB Rehab Review 2013 – Pennsburg, PA

Course & Registration Form

Register for an ACRB Rehab Review scheduled on one of two weekends; either Jan. 19th & 20th, 2013 or Feb. 2nd & 3rd, 2013. Both reviews are held in Pennsburg, PA.

For questions, contact Gene at 610-304-8471.

ACRB Rehabilitation Review Series 2 Day Program

2791 Geryville Pike Pennsburg,
PA 18073 (215) 679-3419

Come prepare with us with a comprehensive review and mock oral exam!
ACRB Certified Lead Instructors:
Chad Buhol DC DACRB
George Petrusksa DC, DACRB
Gene Serafim DC DACRB

Area Hotels

Hampton Inn Quakertown
1915 John Fries Highway, Quakertown, PA

Comfort Inn & Suite
1905 John Fries Highway Quakertown, PA 18951
(215) 538-3000

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Quakertown
1918 John Fries Highway Quakertown, PA 18951
(215) 529-7979

Respond to to ensure availability, Cost $299. for 12 hour module. ACRB credit available upon request. Questions; contact Gene 6103048471

Topics to be covered include:

  • Establishing Baselines for local muscle endurance, aerobic potential, flexibility and more
  • Strength progressions and regressions
  • Acute, Subacute and Chronic protocols and phases of healing
  • The abridged Certified Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Functional Analysis systems including the FMS, SFMA, MAG 7 and 4×4 Matrix
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Neuromobilization
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Condition Specific Protocols
  • Outcomes Assessments Review
  • Sparing Strategies
  • Postural Syndromes
  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative analysis
  • Mock Skills and Comprehensive Exams

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