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ACA Rehab Council President’s Report

Jerrold Simon, DC, DACRB

Excellence is our Goal

In about a month we will all be starting a new year. Each of us will bring our own set of aspirations, hopes desires and goals with us as that new year unfolds. As far as the ACA Rehab Council is concerned, we’ve already established our goal for 2013 which can be summarized in one word, “EXCELLENCE”.

Since its founding approx. 20 years ago, the Rehab Council has followed its path along a proud tradition of principled leadership and service to its members. Unlike some of the other Councils within the ACA, the Rehab Council is not fraught with internal problems, divisiveness and argumentation. We as a Council know and understand that though we may sometimes disagree with each other, we all agree that our Council is made stronger, more productive and more responsive to our members when we work together in unity, cooperation and mutual respect for each other. We are also blessed with an associated Rehab Board, the ACRB, who works with our Council in mutual regard to maintain a joint approach which focuses on the promotion of the common good of our Council members and Diplomate holders. In short, in the words of Dr. George Petruska, here at the Rehab Council, “We don’t do smack and we don’t tolerate those who do.”

This year, the ACA Rehab Council elected its new Executive Committee. After six years of distinguished service to the Rehab Council as its President, Dr. George Petruska now carries the mantle of Past President. However, he remains a viable member of the Rehab Council as Chairman of the Symposium Vendor Procurement Committee. Because of Dr. Petruska and others like him, our annual symposium continues to grow in stature, attendance and academics as one of the leaders in post graduate education in the field of Rehabilitation.

Dr. Alfred Garbutt has been voted in as Vice President of the ACA Rehab Council. Besides filling in for the President in the event of his absence, Dr. Garbutt continues to edit the Journal of the North American Rehab Specialist while also maintaining the Council website found on the web at Both the Journal and the website continue to grow in influence while helping to keep the Rehab Council member and Diplomate apprised of the latest research in the field of rehabilitation while also informing the Rehab Council member on postgraduate opportunities and the various goings on of the Rehab Council.

Our newest member to the Rehab Council Executive Committee is Dr. Jeff Tucker. For those of you who have had the pleasure of listening to him lecture, you know that Dr. Tucker is “a wealth of practical rehab oriented knowledge.” In addition, he is well known and well regarded in the field of rehabilitation with connections in academia that help to keep our Council at the cutting edge of the science of rehabilitation. Dr. Tucker has now taken on the duties of Secretary/Treasurer. It’s no wonder he has been chosen for this duty. With his successful practice and educational lecture series combined with his family business of owning and operating many successful Southern California restaurants, our Rehab Council Account couldn’t be in better hands.

Our Rehab Council also has the benefit of the many years of experience of Past President Dr. Don Fedoryk and his assistant Dr. Mitch Green as Convention Chair and Co-Chair respectively. More than any other persons, these Rehab Council members have been instrumental in attracting the best speakers in the field of rehab while coordinating one of the best run Specialty Council Symposiums in the American Chiropractic Association. It is no wonder why the ACA often praises the Rehab Council at their annual HOD meetings and during the annual NCLC (National Chiropractic Legislative Conference) Washington, D.C. meetings.

As of this year, the ACA Rehab Council has also added four advisors to assist the Rehab Council Executive Committee in carrying out its duties. Lee Burton, PhD, ATC, CSCS will assist the Executive Committee in educating Council members as to the importance of functional movement analysis. Craig Morris, DC, DACRB will act as an exceptional resource with respect the association between lower back syndromes and spinal rehabilitation. Michael Schneider, DC, PT, PhD will provide insight with respect to a rehabilitation suite which incorporates physical therapy modalities as well as licensed Physical Therapists. And finally, Kim Christiansen, DC, DACRB, as the Founder of the ACA Council on Rehabilitation, will provide a historical perspective necessary for a focal vision essential to the continued growth of our Rehab Council. We will also profit from the continued assistance of our Liaison, Kelly Pearson, DC, DABCO, who provides an invaluable link between the Rehab Council and the ACA Board of Governors and other Executive Leaders in the American Chiropractic Association.

Finally, all of us can be proud of the Rehab Council’s commitment to excellence with respect to our ever growing, mindfully relevant and increasingly pertinent annual Rehab Symposiums. The 2013 Rehab Symposium will take place at the Walt Disney Swan Resort in Orlando on April 19th – 21st and is shaping up to be the BEST yet. Howard Israel, DDS, PhD will present recent research on TMJ inflammatory & degenerative disorders. Jeff Spencer, MA, DC will address body holism as the key link in resolving difficult musculoskeletal problems. Thomas Michaud will present an overview of the latest research evaluating 3-D motion during the gait cycle relating this to improved examination and treatment techniques. And Michael Schneider, DC, PhD together with Sean Mathers, DC, DPT, DACRB, CSCS will address principles of post-surgical rehabilitation protocols of the spine, shoulder and knee.

The Rehab Council is also committed to expanding its purview and its scientific basis. With this in mind the Executive Committee called for and received majority vote approval by the membership to include the IBE (International Board of Electrodiagnosis) as a recognized certifying organization under the auspices of the ACA Rehab Council and the discerning eye of the ACRB. This is in keeping with the medical model which has incorporated its Electrodiagnosis Board under the auspices of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board.

In short, as your President, I continue to seek membership suggestions and input to help us reach our goal of Excellence. Ultimately, it is you, our members, who will continue to propel our growth as a Council in meeting and exceeding expectations as the leader in chiropractic physiological therapeutics and rehabilitation.
In chiropractic service,

Jerrold J. Simon, DC, DACRB
President, ACA Rehab Council

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