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Standing Tall as Rehab Specialists

Congratulations to the ACA Rehab Council for its vision in the creation of this Journal. Thank you to Dr. Petruska and Dr. Simon for their leadership and Dr. Garbutt for his dedication to this cause.

In addition, thank you to all the efforts of the ACRB over the years. We are all indebted to the initial leadership of Dr. Shaw and now Dr. Fowler.

We should all feel proud and stand tall as rehab specialist as we look back to where we have come from. Thank you to the support the ACA Board of Governors and members of the House of Delegates that recognized the importance of the Chiropractic Rehabilitation specialist. As a result of all the above efforts, doctors of chiropractic are providing essential services to their patients that are making a vital difference in their lives.

The majority of studies indicate there is a synergistic effect when both chiropractic and active rehab are used in combination. The CCGPP has concluded that use of rehab exercise in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation is likely to speed and improve outcomes as well as minimize episodic recurrence.

There is an ever-accumulating database of evidence demonstrating the combination of chiropractic and rehab offers our patients the essentials to regain function. As a founding member of this council I would like to thank each of you for your ongoing support. Let us all stand tall as rehab specialists.

K.D. Christensen DC, CCSP, DACRB

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