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Alternative to Toxic Psychiatry

Introduction to the Alternative to Meds Center

Do you encounter patients that continue to have mood problems, despite being on psychiatric meds that are supposed to alleviate these issues? Have you ever felt that a patient’s well-being and attitude have been adversely affected by a welling meaning doc casually prescribing anti-depressants or anxiety medicine? Have you ever wondered if some of the most commonly prescribed medicines–psychotropic pharmaceuticals–may be doing more harm to your patients than good? The truth is that the majority of psychiatric medications prescribed today, as self-described by manufacturers, have an unknown mechanism of action. This means, that even the creators of these potent substances, these molecules that enter into and directly bind onto neurons within our patients’ brains–do not understand exactly how they work. And the psychiatric texts themselves often recommend switching various psychotropic meds randomly, until the least amount of side affects are obtained.

The recent epidemic of prescribing anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotic meds, has been fueled by profit-seeking pharmaceutical companies, managed care constraints, and over-burdened primary care docs. The result has been many people who may have been medicated unnecessarily, often for longer periods of time than recommended. And what is becoming more and more common, is that chronic use of these psychotropic causes undesirable long-term side effects. Additionally, once an individual desires to be rid of the psychotropics, there are true physiologic as well as psychological barriers towards their withdrawal.

One class of the psychiatric meds that causes some of the worst issues for patients are benzodiazapines. These medicines were designed to treat acute anxiety and temporarily aid sleep; but unfortunately they are often prescribed for months or years–causing side-effects, and more chronic problems than they were meant to address. Perhaps worst of all, the sufferer of chronic anxiety, often has an accumulation of neurotoxins including heavy metals that are over-stimulating their nervous system. This is what may have led to the initial use of the medication, and while the benzos may numb some of the patient’s initial discomfort, they do nothing to eliminate these underlying toxins.

Withdrawal from these medications can present with extreme anxiety, protracted withdrawal symptoms, and even seizures. This is the most common class of medications we address, as unsupported withdrawal can be virtually impossible. Our methods are diverse on this particular class of medication, but include careful taper techniques, removal of neurotoxins that have accumulated in the persons system due to the drug and from environmental sources, neurochemical support using natural substances, peer support, and the benefit of many therapies designed to promote relaxation including massage, acupuncture, meditation and sauna.

If you have you ever wished your patients could be rid of psychiatric medicines, returned to you with a clean system and naturally balanced neurochemistry, there is a solution. There does exist a viable alternative to toxic psychiatry. The Alternative to Meds Center is a licensed residential mental health facility that specializes in eliminating environmental toxins, and restoring optimal neural-chemistry while the patient is gently withdrawn from psychiatric medications. We are located in Sedona, Arizona.

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